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Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of any good, cool named lagers that I could get my buddy for his 21st? Or any high end lagers I suppose would do.

Revellers slurped down a record number of steins at this year’s Munich beer festival, organisers said today, as the 200th jubilee edition of the world-famous party drew to a close. Some 6.4 million revellers from around the world downed seven million litres (1.6 million gallons) as they staggered through the cavernous beer tents, festival head […]

It was on Oct. 8, 1976 that Jack McAuliffe incorporated the New Albion Brewing Company in Sonoma. It was the first modern craft brewery in America. The following July, he began brewing and selling his own beer, inspiring countless early microbreweries and spawning an entire industry of craft brewers. McAuliffe’s love of beer began in […]