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This video series describes in great detail an entire all-grain homebrewing process. Beginners as well as seasoned brewers will hopefully learn something about homebrewing from this video. All feedback, good and bad, is welcome.

Parts 1 to 4 published yesterday.

“Our first release of this historical brew was immensely popular with the public and also with our Anchor employees,” said Keith Greggor, CEO of Anchor Brewing Company.

“From day one, Anchor California Lager resonated with us not only because of its distinctive flavour, but also because of the rich brewing history that it celebrates.”

Anchor Lager

Anchor California Lager (4.9% ABV) is unique. Crisp, clean, and refreshing, its rich golden colour, distinctive aroma, lingering creamy head, balanced depth of flavour, and incredibly smooth finish are like no other lager today.

Anchor California Lager is now available year-round in 355ml bottles, as well as on draught at select bars, restaurants, and retailers.

Anchor California Lager previously had been distributed exclusively within California. From October 2013, Anchor California Lager will expand its distribution outside of California to the UK.

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2 Oct 2013

Alcohol Makes This Girl Sexy in this WIDELY popular commercial.


Bells lagerBell’s Lager is a refreshingly crisp and clean pilsner beer brewed with Pils and Munich malts.  A pronounced Czech Saaz hop character blends with this golden lager’s subtle malt flavors.









What is an Adjunct Lager?


25 Sep 2013

Angel City Brewery

Deep in the Willamette Valley, at Sodbuster Hop Farm, there is an entire field of Salmon Safe Cascade hops that are grown especially for Full Sail, and it is in the spirit of this aromatic partnership that they brewed their 26th anniversary beer – Full Sail “26” Cascade Pilsner.

Cascade Pilsner

“26” is a Northwest take on a European classic and features intense aromas of pine and spice with citrus notes and is supported by a medium body, dry malty palate, and is balanced with a long, clean, herbal hop finish. (ABV 6% IBU 60) It will be available throughout their 26th year on draft and in 22 oz bottles.

Located in the heartland of hops, every year the Full Sail brewers wait with thirsty anticipation for hops harvest and the chance to celebrate by brewing fresh hop beers.

Full Sail Fresh Hop PilsnerWhen the hops are at their peak, the Full Sail brewers truck out to the hop fields to collect the aromatic bounty. These seasonal wonders will go from field to brew kettle within a matter of hours and the magic begins.

This year, Full Sail celebrates the season’s first hops with Fresh Hop Pilsner Lager, showcasing the Cascade hop variety. “This beer highlights the brewer’s art as well as nature’s gift,” said Full Sail’s Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. The hops were locally grown at Sodbuster Farms, which is a Salmon Safe certified hop grower.

This draft-only brew has a fresh herbal character and classic pils hop aroma, making a refreshing pilsner-style beer with a smooth body and crisp, clean finish. (ABV 6.0% IBU 60) Available late September to November throughout the Pacific Northwest at several Fresh Hop Festivals, and at the Hood River Harvest Festival.