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Heard that a while ago and kind of believed it. Something to do with the acidic nature of the lime? Wondered what the readers thought??!!

Thanks to you all; I think you have explained homeopathic ‘medicine’ to me. I shall now have a scotch.

I can drink lots of 4% and i am going into double figures when it comes to pints but if i drink six or seven 5% pints i feel it more!

I mean ‘you’ personally, cos everyone’ll be different.

My mate reckons that Japanese people get really drunk, drinking Lager because they don’t have the right “Enzymes” to “break it down”. I reckon this sounds like absolute b*ll*cks. Who is right?

Seriously, I feel sick and on the verge of passing out after 3 pints of strong lager. Yet after a bottle of red wine I feel completely coherent and fine?