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As of January 1, 2013, Craft Beer Cellar, an independently-owned beer store in Belmont, decided to stop carrying brews from Magic Hat, Narragansett, MacTarnahan’s, Butte Creek, Pyramid, and Mendocino. Based on the definition of a craft brewer by the Brewers Association (Boulder, CO), which the company adopted as part of its business model, these brands […]

I was trying to find some other beers that I would enjoy and I like Yuengling Lager a lot, any recommendations?

I know it’s a stretch since the closest distributor is in Tennessee, but I’m hoping that SOMEONE knows some place that sells it or is capable of getting their hands on it. I’m from NJ and I just moved here in the beginning of September, and it’s by far my favorite beer, hands down.

This is a pretty smooth beer with a nice caramel color. I know it’s not going to win any awards in Europe, but what are your thoughts on it as Americans go?

How about compared to Sam Light? Do you taste any fillers or adjuncts in either brew?

I would like to get him an expensive microbrew or import or something similar, does anyone have any suggestions?

My husband and I are trying to find the CLOSEST beer to Yuenling Lager, or something just as good but a different brand….Does anyone know?

Yuengling lager is an amazing beer made in Pottsville PA. They don’t distribute out west, but would pay good $ to have it sent here!