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i cant try it cuz im only 20 but my birthday is september 3rd so i was thinkinng about having it at my party is it as delicious as advertised?

Andrew Godley loaded 16 kegs of beer into the back of his pickup truck Tuesday to take to a local distributor who would then deliver them to Lafayette bars and restaurants. Godley is Parish Brewing Co.’s only employee, and he does, well, everything. “We started about six months ago, and it was just a pilot […]

Any distinct flavor? Or just a regular beer taste?

Here is an excursion into the hit-and-miss production of gluten-free beers, which contain neither wheat nor barley. Green’s Dubbel is made with millet, buckwheat, rice and sorghum, and like its brethren, it is defined by a cider-like sharpness. The reaction between yeast and barley is significant in creating the beer flavor and aromas that define […]

do you remember the Pepsi Challenge commercials from the early 1980s? can someone please tell me where above I said ALL american beer?

I’m assuming it’s something to do with the metal – does it dissolve in the drink? Is it less healthy?

A rift is spreading through the Czech beer industry as a number of smaller breweries cede from the Czech Beer and Malt Association with complaints that aggressive advertising from larger international brewery conglomerates has become detrimental to the international reputation of Czech beer. K Brewery announced July 13 that five of its breweries, including Černá […]