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I Don’t Drink Beer

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4 Aug 2011


ISBN13: 9781603420891 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description Beer. It’s the most popular drink in the world. Enjoyed at ballparks, in home-away-from-home pubs, on the family room sofa, and in every kind of restaurant, beer is at ease in any setting. For all beer lovers who have known the […]

this beer has been around for about 15 months now… it was made for best before April 08…it has some particles floating around inside not sure if it was there before or if its suppose to be like that, but yea is it safe to drink it?

I understand the points made. What I mean is Why are they making it? And what has started it all off? Ok, to clarify – Real UK Stella Artois is 5.2%, Becks is 5%, Grolsch is 5%. Why are they making weaker versions!!!

The farts are unbearable!

(and enjoy it)

I am looking for high alcohol volume and a smooth taste. Real answers only please, no smart-a** comments. Thanks!