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i cant try it cuz im only 20 but my birthday is september 3rd so i was thinkinng about having it at my party is it as delicious as advertised?

It has been said about Belgian beers that there is a “beer for everyone.” If the popularity it has already found around the world is any indication, Belgian Beer Café is soon going to discover that everyone will be there for a beer when the unique Belgian bar / restaurant concept arrives on American shores. […]

this beer has been around for about 15 months now… it was made for best before April 08…it has some particles floating around inside not sure if it was there before or if its suppose to be like that, but yea is it safe to drink it?

Boston for beer lovers

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15 Feb 2011

It’s known for its cream pie and beans — but what about Boston’s beer? While Canadians have often shunned American suds as being too watery, craft brewers here are passionate about what they do and beer lovers are rewarded with unique and flavourful pints. If you only have time for one stop while you’re in […]

Any distinct flavor? Or just a regular beer taste?

Here’s the deal: my father adores Sam Adams Boston Lager. However, I feel as though he needs a change of pace. He sincerely dislikes anything too hoppy (like an IPA) or anything too dark (stouts or brown ales) and he isn’t to fond of the belgian whites or witbiers (like blue moon). I just need […]

BOSTON (TheStreet) — Craft Brewers Alliance(HOOK), maker of Redhook, and Boston Beer Co.(SAM), seller of the Samuel Adams brands, are the best ways to play the still-escalating craft-beer revolution. The S&P 500 has fallen 7% this year. Even comparatively safe blue-chip stocks have been battered. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has slumped 6%. Yet, shares […]

To keep things simple we’ll just refer to the company as Sam Adams which is how they are known to most of the beer drinking public anyway. Sam Adams was founded by Jim Koch back in 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts. He named the beer after the famous American patriot from the Revolutionary War by the […]