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i dont want to see people googling i want personal experience

I heard that Germany using some kind of law about beer so their beer is doesn’t contain any chemnicals so Which out of those would be a better choice quality and the less harmful Stella Artois Beck’s Carlsberg Grolsch Tuborg Heieneken So maybe any other good one’s i’m looking for a quality here and not […]

You know all the ones you see on the very last shelf, next to the Mad Dog 20/20…The usual suspects are Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Light, Keystone, Pabst, Lone Star (if you’re in TX), etc. I am looking for a true beer aficionado to tell me what is the best of the dirt-cheap beers.

A number of brewers make a winter lager. Which is best and why?

I know the TV ads think it “probably” is.


I am looking for high alcohol volume and a smooth taste. Real answers only please, no smart-a** comments. Thanks!

I’ve my 18th birthday coming up soon and I am planning a huge party. I want quantity over quality but I’m not sure on the best way to buy lots of beer, whether it be in kegs, as crates and also where to get it from? Someone please help thanks. I live in the UK

I have used Fosters and Woodpecker cider in the past. I was wondering if anyone used a better lager or cider to make the drink better?