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Right on EtOHRx! At least someone out there knows what I’m talking about.

I had some in South Africa last year, but can’t find it here.

It’s a lager from Australia, perhaps the best I have had in my life. If yes, where precisely – store/ website?

A grocery store or somewhere that sells in cases would be best. It is my favorite beer but I haven’t seen it anywhere lately.

I have searched everywhere for this beer! Im from san diego, and they give you free samples of it at sea world (which i dont know why you would want to get drunk and be surrounded by whales!) anyone have any ideas? search vons and even bevo and no luck :0( thanks!

I understand that Castle (a South African beer) has been bought out by Miller in the US. I haven’t been able to locate it since. If you can tell me where I can purchase it, or order it, that would be great. Same goes for Savannah Cider. That stuff is incredible. Thanks so much in […]

Just came back from a visit from Scotland where I enjoyed a few pints of Tennent’s lager. Anyone know where I can buy some locally? Either online or at a store. I am from the Rochester, NY area and already tried Beers of the World with no luck. Any help would be great.

I’m in San Diego, anyone know of a website (Brooklyn Brewery’s store is temporarily shut down) or a store in the SoCal area to get Brooklyn Lager?