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and whats the recommended level a week and if i exceed this whats the likely outcome for my health and well being

The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association and the Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers, Inc., has announced that their organizations are urging their members to remove caffeinated alcohol beverages, such as Four Loko and Joose, from retailers’ shelves. Federal and state agencies have taken tough steps to remove the beverages. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission […]

Thanks to you all; I think you have explained homeopathic ‘medicine’ to me. I shall now have a scotch.

Seems like a lager is always just a lager unless its a pilsner, and the alcohol is always about 5%. Just about every other style of beer is a type of ale, and the alcohol contents go from 4% to 25% and sometimes higher. I know the top fermenting yeast in ales, ferment at higher […]