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i cant try it cuz im only 20 but my birthday is september 3rd so i was thinkinng about having it at my party is it as delicious as advertised?

Any distinct flavor? Or just a regular beer taste?

The farts are unbearable!

I was wondering if anyone had the address of a store which sells the more rare Samuel Adams Beers such as the Imperial Stout, Imperial White, Double Bock, Scotch Ale, and Black Lager. I am looking for a location on Long Island, NY .. Suffolk or Nassau County is fine. Thank you!!

This is one of my favorite beers and I messed around and waited to long this year and fear I may have missed it. I feel like this may differ regionally thing as well, so just say where you’re from if you have a decent idea of when it usually stops selling. Thanks all 🙂

A grocery store or somewhere that sells in cases would be best. It is my favorite beer but I haven’t seen it anywhere lately.

BREWERY’S DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION: Spicy yet smooth. Samuel Adams® White Ale is brewed with 10 exotic spices: orange and lemon peel, dried plum, Grains of Paradise, coriander, anise, hibiscus, rose hips, tamarind, and vanilla. As an unfiltered wheat ale, Samuel Adams White Ale has a crisp and refreshing taste profile with the added unique character […]

If have dates, that’d be great. What a great beer.

I *could* put it in the fridge but wouldn’t that just make it more skunked and not worth drinking at all?

My dad has kept these 2 beers not refrigerated for a while now….like 2 months maybe and I wanna crack em open, so should I throw them in the freezer and drinkem or no?