St Mungo’s Glasgow ‘Bavarian’ lager launches in the East End

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16 Apr 2013

A draught lager is being launched at a boozer in London’s East End as the first in Britain to pass tough Bavarian brewing laws.

St Mungo LagerSt Mungo’s lager is being pulled for the first time by landlord Dave Chapman over the bar of his Albion pub in Goldsmith’s Row, Shoreditch, on Sunday.

The Albion was the first pub south of the Border to receive deliveries of St Mungo’s, brewed in Glasgow, the first British lager to make it through Bavaria’s strict Reinheitsgebot law governing how lager is brewed.

The edict dating from 1516 states that lager may only contain water, hops and barley. Dave is launching the stuff at 3.30pm with a free tasting.

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