Ska Mexican Logger cans are back

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5 Apr 2013

Ska Brewing is announcing the annual release of Mexican Logger, its seasonal Mexican-style lager. 

Mexican Logger

The namesake beer of the Mexican Logger Superhero Carlos Javier—from Ska’s original comic book story and business plan—will hit shelves, decks and patios in Colorado and around the country on April 17th.

At 5% ABV, Mexican Logger was made to be delicious and sessionable, taking some cues from the Mexican-style lagers many are familiar with, but improving on the result with the finest ingredients and a craft brewer’s attention to detail—kind of like it used to be when 19th century German immigrants arrived on the scene.  The body is light to medium, with fresh grain and sweet malt balancing a mild and pleasant bite from the Saaz hops, and a clean, crisp finish that is a perfect match for summer’s heat.

“You ask some beers if they want to go rafting, or hiking, and they’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if my bottle can do that,’ or, ‘It’s too hot out for me,’ or they come up with some other excuse,” said Matt Vincent, Ska’s VP of Operations and summer adventure connoisseur.  “Mexican Logger is like, ‘I’m already packed—get in.’ No drama.  Just a tasty beer that loves summer and is ready to go.”

Carlos Javier is poised to once again lend his formidable, though seasonal, powers to Ska Brewing in their ongoing battle against the evil forces of Rotgutzen International Beverage Corporation.

Mexican Logger will be released in cans and bottles, and distributed in all of Ska’s markets through September.  The release will be celebrated at Ska Brewing World Headquarters in Durango with the annual Mexican Logger Release Party, Wednesday, April 17th from 5-7 p.m., featuring giveaways, tacos from Zia Taqueria and local music superheroes The Lawn Chair Kings.

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