New Jester King, Mikkeller collaboration pokes fun at Texas regulations

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15 Nov 2011

On Wednesday, 11/16, Jester King and Mikkeller will join forces for their second official collaboration and their first ever joint brewing day.

They will be making the Texas edition of Beer Geek Brunch, which they’ve decided to call “Ale”/“Malt Liquor” in TX Geek Brunch. This will also be Jester King’s first official Open Brew Day.

Jester King sued the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission last month, in part due to unique restrictions. Jester King said in a statement:

Under the bizarre, antiquated naming system mandated by the TABC Code, we have to call everything we brew over 4% alcohol by weight (ABW) “Ale” or “Malt Liquor” and everything we brew at or below 4% ABW “beer”. This results in nonsensical and somewhat comical situations where we have to call pale ale at or below 4% ABW “pale beer” and lager that is over 4% ABW “ale.”

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