Center of the Universe Brewing releases Exit 89 Lager

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15 Jun 2013

Center of the Universe Brewing Company (COTU), will release a new beer to their line-up today: Exit 89 Lager.

Center of the Universe

Exit 89 Lager begins with the water from the North Anna River on the northern border of Hanover County. After COTU filters the water, it is very soft and has a mineral content similar to some of the great lager-brewing areas of Europe. Center of the Universe uses this water to mash in with four different malts. In the boil kettle, several additions of German Tettnang hops create a modest bitterness, just enough to balance with the malt. For fermentation, they went with a Czech yeast strain that leaves the beer clean and malty. After fermentation, Exit 89 went through a cold conditioning period called lagering until (after numerous samplings) they felt it was ready. The beer was then filtered to remove any yeast that had not yet dropped out naturally. The result is a beautiful and crisp amber (Vienna-style) lager.

“For a long time, craft beer was indeed a reaction to the mass-produced light lagers that were (and still are) dominating the American marketplace. But there are plenty of great lagers being made by craft brewers. It’s no longer just about ales. It’s about making great beer.” – says Brewer Mike Killelea on the COTU blog.

This will be the first lager produced by Center of the Universe – and a perfect beer to beat the summer heat.

Center of the Universe Brewing Company opened its doors in Ashland, VA on November 16th 2012. Brothers Phil and Chris Ray, who started as homebrewers turned their hobby into an obsession that is now a successful brewery in Northern Virginia.

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