Anchor California Lager cans roll out this month

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1 May 2014

Anchor Brewing Company is encouraging beer enthusiasts to help parks nationwide by purchasing Anchor California Lager®, California’s first genuine lager reborn.

Anchor California Lager

Through two unique partnerships, a portion of proceeds from Anchor California Lager sales will support the National Parks Conservation Association and the California State Parks Foundation.

Anchor’s history, California’s first genuine lager, and our country’s state parks were born in the second half of the 19th Century. Today, California is home to 280 state parks and 26 of America’s 401 national parks. To celebrate that unique heritage, Anchor Brewing Company has partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association and the California State Parks Foundation to support their efforts to conserve and enrich the natural beauty and history of parks nationwide.

Beginning in May 2014, Anchor California Lager (4.9% ABV) will also be available in 6-pack cans both nationally and year-round, offering greater convenience and versatility for outdoor activities.

“Parks are one of our most precious resources that everyone from coast-to-coast can enjoy,” said Keith Greggor, CEO of Anchor Brewing Company. “Anchor California Lager already has tremendous success supporting parks in our home state and we look forward to supporting the National Parks Conversation Association’s work protecting our national parks.”

In February 2013, Anchor California Lager and its program to support state parks were introduced in California. Based on the success of the California State Parks Foundation partnership and the expansion of Anchor California Lager nationally, we wanted to develop a program to also benefit parks nationwide. We are proud to announce Anchor California Lager sales outside California will support the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), the leading nonpartisan national park advocacy organization, and their work to protect and enhance America’s natural, historical, and cultural heritage for present and future generations.

“As we continue to look for new ways to connect more Americans with our national parks, we appreciate the support of Anchor Brewing and look forward to partnering with one of America’s oldest breweries,” said Clark Bunting, president and CEO of the National Parks Conservation Association.

Anchor California Lager sales within California have been supporting California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) since February 2013. A portion of proceeds from each case sold in California goes to the Anchor California Lager Grants, which are part of the CSPF’s Discretionary Grant Program. CSPF is awarding three grants from 2013 donations to parks across California, supporting a number of programs including habitat and landmark restoration and research and educational programs.

Anchor Brewing Company has renewed its partnership with California State Parks Foundation for 2014. Anchor California Lager sales within California will continue to support CSPF and we look forward to supporting even more projects within our home state.

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