Even a drunk guy (Bryan) appreciated Cyril’s magic. I am not sure if he would remember it though until he saw this video on YouTube.  

Freeze a beer in two seconds.  Cool magic trick with a beer.  

Some cool beer pong trick shots  

This video series describes in great detail an entire all-grain homebrewing process. Beginners as well as seasoned brewers will hopefully learn something about homebrewing from this video. All feedback, good and bad, is welcome. Parts 1 to 4 published yesterday.  

Beer Goggles!

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2 Oct 2013

Alcohol Makes This Girl Sexy in this WIDELY popular commercial.  


Germany is reknowned as a great beer nation but recent surveys show that consumption is slipping and the country is now only ranked third in the world. Michael Wigge learns all about the fine art of beer brewing and drinking…  

Fastest Beer Drinker

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9 Aug 2013

Worlds fastest beer drinker  

Shotgunning a beer gets a little messy for these guys.  

Extreme Beer Pong

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25 Jul 2013