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As of January 1, 2013, Craft Beer Cellar, an independently-owned beer store in Belmont, decided to stop carrying brews from Magic Hat, Narragansett, MacTarnahan’s, Butte Creek, Pyramid, and Mendocino. Based on the definition of a craft brewer by the Brewers Association (Boulder, CO), which the company adopted as part of its business model, these brands […]

Longer days, melting snow, and birds chirping are telltale signs spring is around the corner, but they wouldn’t be complete without a few seasonal Saranac brews to thaw out with. The all new Saranac 12 Beers A Springing™ variety package will be on shelves soon, including two new seasonal offerings: Saranac Red IPA and Saranac […]

It started with a bold experiment. A year ago, Budweiser asked its 12 brewmasters to envision their own unique version of one of the world’s most iconic beers. After 12 recipes, six beers brewed for national sampling, and 25,000 opinions, the experiment has resulted in a new golden amber lager based on the voice of […]