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Heineken USA today announced the launch of Indio, a unique Mexican dark beer. Brewed and sold in Mexico since 1893, Indio will be available in June across seven key markets in California and Texas. The 12 oz. bottled dark beer, known for its malt character and light caramel aroma, will be available for adults 21 […]

What is the latest from Surly Brewing on Surly Sÿx? After the label went up a couple weeks back, Head Brewer, Todd Haug, fielded some questions about the beer. Haug told one Twitter user that he hoped for a late June release. He reported that Surly (again, “hoping to”) will fill around 12,000 750mL bottles. […]

A spokesman for Heineken gave us this statement: “Whilst we would expect pricing for a premium beer such as Heineken to be comparable with prices at other prestigious sporting or events venues, we have no control over retail pricing which is a matter for LOCOG and their catering partners.” So, over to Olympic organisers, LOCOG. […]