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Amid rising hopes for an unprecedented opening up of trade between south Asia’s two nuclear rivals, Indian drinkers are soon to enjoy Pakistani beer for the first time since the two countries gained independence. Murree Brewery, a Raj-era oddity in an increasingly conservative Islamic country, says it will shortly start selling its lager in India, […]

Duff Beer

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24 May 2012

The Legendary Duff Beer Brewed in Germany

Brewed with traditional Czech grown and malted barley for an authentic European malt flavor. Domestic and European hops provide a balanced hop bitterness and flavor. This lager has all the darkness of a stout but without the intense coffee flavors associated with stout ales. 5.9% ABV.

Cigar City Brewing is one of the more savvy small breweries out there when it comes to managing the social media realm. Here is the latest from the brewery’s oft-updated Facebook page… Coming soon! Let’s say….5-6 weeks? Patio Pils, our new 6-pack Summer seasonal. Fun fact: this is going to be the first lager we’ve […]

Coors Third Shift Amber Lager is the first in a series of smaller batch beers that MillerCoors plans to put into the wider market, possibly with marketing featuring the brewing creators — which would follow a selling tactic successfully used by smaller craft brewers. Still, MillerCoors is not describing Third Shift as a craft brew. […]

i cant try it cuz im only 20 but my birthday is september 3rd so i was thinkinng about having it at my party is it as delicious as advertised?

Brewed in Victoria, Australia