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Officials at the Genesee Brewery have unveiled plans to create a destination for beer lovers that anchors development on downtown Rochester’s Northeast side. Plans call for a $2.6 million restoration of an old packaging center built around the turn of the century.  The Brewery will transform the 9,200-square-foot building into the Genesee Brew House, which will […]

On Wednesday, 11/16, Jester King and Mikkeller will join forces for their second official collaboration and their first ever joint brewing day. They will be making the Texas edition of Beer Geek Brunch, which they’ve decided to call “Ale”/“Malt Liquor” in TX Geek Brunch. This will also be Jester King’s first official Open Brew Day. […]

For the first time in two years, beer lovers in the historic brewing city of St. Louis will soon be able to lift a cold bottle of lager beer brought to market by a member of the fabled family of brewing legend Adolphus Busch. “There’s a new brewing company in St. Louis,” said company founder […]

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Here you go…everything you’d want to know from the Boston Beer Co. / Samuel Adams Q3 earnings release… On overall growth: – Depletions growth of 11% for the third quarter and 8% year to date Note: what are depletions? Per Pro Brewer, “Total number of cases sold by a distributor to retailers. Reported depletions excludes […]

British brewing giant SABMiller has introduced the first commercial-scale cassava-based beer, called Impala, in Mozambique, South Africa. The lager will be brewed by the group’s subsidiary Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM) in Mozambique. The debut is part of the global brewing group’s goal to develop a line of beers brewed with raw materials sourced locally for […]