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I was trying to find some other beers that I would enjoy and I like Yuengling Lager a lot, any recommendations?


I want to buy packs of 24x440ml a lot cheaper than you can in the High Street shops. Any help greatfully received.

This is how to take some simple apple juice, yeast and sugar and make a great wine-like beverage.  

I know they make many smaller brews, but what about their signature beer? As far as I know, it goes simply by “Anchor Steam”, and I have very little information about it.

Tusker Premium Lager in the GREEN bottle (not the BROWN bottle, that is a different style) was one of my all-time favorite beers. The Premium is one of the most thirst-quenching brews ever crafted. Awesome on a hot summer day. Whereas, the brown-bottle ‘standard lager’ is undistinguished swill. But at some point the Premium simply […]

I love Miller beer. Liquid bread of life!

I have tried to find a site of local retail shops that sell the Thailand beer, Singha. I haven’t been able to find anything other than one distributor called Glatzkeys or something like that, but they only sell to bars and restaurants with a liquor license. I would like to buy it by retail, like […]

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This is a behind the scenes look at how the VB STUBBY SYMPHONY was made.