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The use of beer and cigarettes among Nevadans and tourists is declining in the state, but the use of cigars, smokeless tobacco, wine and hard liquor is increasing. Those findings were made by financial experts charged with predicting the state’s tax collections in the upcoming two fiscal years, the Las Vegas Sun reported. The Technical […]

The Irish Beer Pong Championship takes place this Saturday in the Bailey in Cork, and ahead of Ireland’s main beer-ponging event, which is to be attended from teams as far away as Finland, I sat down with one of BPong Ireland’s founders Stephen O’Sullivan to talk about the men who take playing beer pong rather […]

Federal regulators have changed course and approved a businessman’s bid to include the Pledge of Allegiance on a beer can. The controversial label initially was denied by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Don Sessions, a Los Angeles businessman originally from Ripley, Okla., said recent media attention for his Ol’ Glory beer […]

The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association and the Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers, Inc., has announced that their organizations are urging their members to remove caffeinated alcohol beverages, such as Four Loko and Joose, from retailers’ shelves. Federal and state agencies have taken tough steps to remove the beverages. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission […]

Heard that a while ago and kind of believed it. Something to do with the acidic nature of the lime? Wondered what the readers thought??!!

BEER could be in short supply this Christmas season with Tooheys workers launching strike action yesterday. The festive season supply of some of the most popular beers in NSW  – including Tooheys New, Extra Dry, Old, XXXX Gold, Hahn products, White Stag as well as international labels Heineken and Becks – could be hit by […]

Cricket sponsor Victoria Bitter has promised to buy a beer for every Australian adult if the home team can beat England in the upcoming Ashes series. If the Aussies take back the Ashes, vouchers for Victoria Bitter will be printed in five national newspapers following the final test on January 8. At current retail prices […]

I was wondering if anyone had the address of a store which sells the more rare Samuel Adams Beers such as the Imperial Stout, Imperial White, Double Bock, Scotch Ale, and Black Lager. I am looking for a location on Long Island, NY .. Suffolk or Nassau County is fine. Thank you!!

Dorky but functional guide to easy all grain brewing. Extract brewers, you can do it! I follow the Denny Conn method of batch sparging.  

New Glarus Brewing just released its latest beer, Back Forty Bock. It’s a brew for those who enjoy seasonal bocks, with their malty tones of caramel and chocolate and their deep amber and bronze color. For local enthusiasts in the over-50 crowd, this beer will bring back memories of the winter releases of bock beers […]