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Can anyone find their website?

Here is an excursion into the hit-and-miss production of gluten-free beers, which contain neither wheat nor barley. Green’s Dubbel is made with millet, buckwheat, rice and sorghum, and like its brethren, it is defined by a cider-like sharpness. The reaction between yeast and barley is significant in creating the beer flavor and aromas that define […]

If so, what do think about the brew itself? My personal feelings are that it’s a FINE brew that I could enjoy all that time. If fact Brooklyn brewery makes a complete line of good beers. Check it out!

A number of brewers make a winter lager. Which is best and why?

Carlton & United Breweries last week announced the addition of a new flavoured beer, Carlton Dry Fusion Black, to its portfolio of beers. The flavoured beer category is in its infancy in Australia, with Carlton Dry Fusion Lime taking market leadership after its launch in December 2007. Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon followed in March 2009. […]

Cans of Miller light were available in the shops up until recently, why have they stopped selling it? and is it going to come back on the shelves?

The eternal question, what is better for good health and children. Beer of Milk. You’d be suprised.

This is one of my favorite beers and I messed around and waited to long this year and fear I may have missed it. I feel like this may differ regionally thing as well, so just say where you’re from if you have a decent idea of when it usually stops selling. Thanks all 🙂

There’s a little town in Germany named Einbeck where, it’s generally believed, the bock style of beer originated. Much like British IPA, Einbeck beers were being brewed to higher alcohol strengths to survive longer shipping. When the beer reached Bavaria in southern Germany, the north-central “beck” became “bock” under the regional accent. In Bavarian, “bock” […]

SABMiller Plc, the world’s second- biggest brewer by volume, said first-half beer sales rose as gains in Asia and Africa more than offset declines in Latin America and Europe. The quantity of lager sold increased 1 percent in the six months ended Sept. 30, excluding the effect of acquisitions, London-based SABMiller said today. That beat […]