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Here’s the deal: my father adores Sam Adams Boston Lager. However, I feel as though he needs a change of pace. He sincerely dislikes anything too hoppy (like an IPA) or anything too dark (stouts or brown ales) and he isn’t to fond of the belgian whites or witbiers (like blue moon). I just need […]


I’ve my 18th birthday coming up soon and I am planning a huge party. I want quantity over quality but I’m not sure on the best way to buy lots of beer, whether it be in kegs, as crates and also where to get it from? Someone please help thanks. I live in the UK


A new generation of American craft ales will take centre stage at next week’s Great British Beer Festival. What’s the secret of their success? Good beer was hard to come by in Los Angeles during the 1970s. If you wanted something with a bit more flavour and character than a glass of fizzy water, you […]

Looks like I have some (beer-soaked) egg on my face today. In a piece for in May, I called out 7-Eleven’s new Game Day Light as being one of the “Worst Beers in America.” But a group of beer judges disagrees with me, apparently. Game Day Light won a gold medal this month in […]

A rift is spreading through the Czech beer industry as a number of smaller breweries cede from the Czech Beer and Malt Association with complaints that aggressive advertising from larger international brewery conglomerates has become detrimental to the international reputation of Czech beer. K Brewery announced July 13 that five of its breweries, including Černá […]

Scottish beer maker BrewDog has come up with a new brew that has more alcohol by volume than a shot of vodka — and costs a whopping £500 ($771) or £700 ($1,080) per bottle, depending on your dead animal preference. Dubbed The End of History, each bottle contains 55 percent alcohol by volume. This blond […]

Looking for the lager beers that are not mainstream like Bud, Coors, Miller etc. Something other than these and tastes great. Wondering if there are any hidden gems 😉

I mean a day trip somewhere just outside of the city. This past weekend, a few of us decided to do just that and took the trip up to nearby Everett to see what good beer we could find. Just about a 20 mile drive north of Seattle, we rolled into the Lazy Boy Brewing […]